Friday, April 15, 2011

Get $5 Back On Your Order

A picture speaks a thousand words, I'm not entirely sure who first said that but I know they were right! Mason Rabbit's Paperie will offer you $5.00 back on your purchase when you send in a picture of your luminaries, cupcake wrappers, or place cards in action! The pictures will be used in the listings so buyers can have a better since of how the products look at events. $5.00 will be sent upon approval of pictures!!
Must consent to pictures being used in listings
Send pictures in an Etsy convo to be reviewed and if they are chosen you will receive your $5.00 through Paypal!
Please don't get upset if you submit a pictures and it isn't accepted. It was probably a fantastic picture but may not have represented the product well.

Picture Standards
- Professional or professional looking pictures preferred
- Must be clear and offer a good visual and representation of the product
- Try to avoid people in your picture. No snapshot of Uncle Bob with a drumstick in his hands and the luminaries just happen to be in the picture! :-) A picture of your guests sitting at the table enjoying their meal would be fine as long as no one is looking directly at the camera 9to personal). And of course the luminaries or place cards should be visible!
- Higher resolution would work best, no thumbnail pics!

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